At Fab Shop Limited we are always creating new and unique bespoke metal products. Our highly qualified team have over 30 years of experience and boast a wide range of capabilities and skills, enabling us to create high-quality products tailored to the requirements of our clients. Some of the services we specialise in include:

  • barriers
  • benches
  • conveyors
  • cylinders
  • fire doors
  • fuel rigs
  • guarding
  • handrails
  • pipework
  • platforms
  • stairs
  • storage frames
  • storage racks
  • support frames
  • tape roller racks
  • trolleys
  • tube manipulation
  • vessels
  • walkways
  • workstations

We provide experience and expertise in the design and development of high-quality metal prototypes, bespoke one-off products, and batch production runs.


We are able to create products using many types of welding including MIG, MMA, silver soldering, soldering, synergic MIG, and TIG. We are able to work with many types of metal including aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, and more.

Computer-Aided Design

Creating computer-aided drawings allows us to present clients with visual concepts of their products before they are manufactured. As with most developmental procedures, having this facility enables us to analyse and modify projects as necessary to ensure we meet customer specifications.

We employ an in-house designer who is able to take hand-drawn designs and digitally create and modify them using state-of-the-art technical design software.

We also work closely with our clients’ designers and engineers using drawings they provide.


We can, when required, provide a 24-hour service for essential maintenance work or for installation of manufactured products at a time which is convenient for clients. We can deliver products to your desired location as well as provide skilled labour for site work.